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Apr 4, 2019

Men need to reach out, raise your hand, ask another man to mentor you, disciple you, help you to become stronger in your weak areas. Simply raising your hand and asking another man to come along side you on this journey is the beginning of great things.

Scott Wiggins has spent the last 30 plus years leading men and women.  For over 26 years of that time, Scott served in the United States Air Force.  A retired Brigadier General, he held numerous positions of leadership from flight to squadron to group to wing commands.  As a pilot, he has extensive combat experience and the unique honor of working for Air Force One for two years.  Since leaving the Air Force, Scott has served as the Director of Staff of Pinelake Church.  Pinelake is a multi-site church with five campus locations in Mississippi.  Scott pastors and oversees the staff of 150 who, in turn, shepherd a weekly congregational attendance of over 11,000. 

Boots on the Ground Moment: Raise your hand. Ask a guy you respect to help you.