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Aug 1, 2019

Wayne Jacobsen unpacks his book, He Loves Me with Jim Ramos. Are you stuck in thinking do good, get good, do bad get bad? Wayne helps men look at their relationship with Jesus completely different. Not in a way that you are trying to good. 

As an author and speaker Wayne travels the world helping people find freedom from performance-based religion, so they can embrace a relationship with God deeply rooted in his affection for them.  His most popular titles include He Loves Me:  Learning to Live in the Father's AffectionSo You Don't Want to Go to Church AnymoreFinding ChurchIn Season, and A Man Like No Other. He was also co-writer and publisher of The Shack, which sold over twenty-four million copies worldwide. A former pastor, Wayne now hosts, which provides resources for spiritual growth and a podcast at TheGodJourney.comto encourage people thinking outside the box of religious obligation. Both have inspired many to a more vibrant faith and a greater understanding of living in the church Jesus is building in the world. He has been married to Sara for 44 years and lives in Southern California where they enjoy their adult children and grandchildren.  

Boots on the Ground:

Get away for an hour or so. Ask yourself how you can be a safe place for your wife, kids, and others around you.

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