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Feb 23, 2017

At 74 and married to his sweetheart Gay for 55 years, Bill Osborne has some great wisdom to share with all men. Bill still has a mentor in his life that is in his 80's. You will gain much wisdom from our friend Bill.

Feb 17, 2017

Why do we think The Great Hunt for God is so great? We have seen so many lives and families changed by the team meetings, Daily Field Guide and the Man Card Podcast. We talk about some of those great things. 

Feb 11, 2017

You get a chance to hear from The Great Hunt for God board. This episode is recorded from a house in Lincoln City Oregon around a dinner table. The board has spent the entire weekend planning for the future. Enjoy.

Feb 2, 2017

Ben Sullivan is a husband, father, coach, and a servant to his community. Not only does he own and operate his electrical company, S&S Electrical, he serves in his community through coaching football and softball. He also, serves and loves his wife well. Enjoy the podcast.