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Apr 8, 2019

As men, we possess power in our words. What we speak over our wife and kids can bring life or destruction. This episode should challenge you in the way you speak over them. 

Apr 4, 2019

Men need to reach out, raise your hand, ask another man to mentor you, disciple you, help you to become stronger in your weak areas. Simply raising your hand and asking another man to come along side you on this journey is the beginning of great things.

Scott Wiggins has spent the last 30 plus years leading men and...

Apr 1, 2019

Men are made to carry heavy loads. What does that mean? Listen and find out. 


Mar 28, 2019

Corey Davis was on a fishing boat when the bow cracked and started sinking. He almost died 3 times while helping to save the crew. Enjoy this heroic story!

Boots on the Ground Assignment. Find One Thing that you will do to express your love for your wife and children everyday.

Mar 25, 2019

To be known or to be anonymous is the question. There is a tension between the man and the fan in the arena. What do we see in the church? Are men being put on display for Jesus or are they sitting back quietly so as to not bring attention to themselves? How are we suppose to live? What does the Bible say about this?