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Mar 8, 2019

Kirk M Samuels is “The Intimacy Incubator”. He is a gifted speaker and an award-winning member of Toastmaster’s International.

For thirty of the first forty years of his life, Kirk was addicted to pornography. Numerous relationships and careers suffered as a result. At his lowest point, Kirk was ready to end his life. Then, after the most significant of breakthroughs, Kirk created a class for men called Free Indeed. Kirk’s real, practical experience makes him uniquely qualified to speak about today’s porn consumer and relationships. His book For Your Eyes Only: The Inside Scoop About Men, Porn, and Marriage reveals to women how her man can become addicted to her. Kirk is a featured radio personality on The Real Traci Rock Show and The Corner Café Radio. In June 2018, Kirk launched the Uplift communities, where people who have been impacted by pornography can connect and learn from experts how to grow in mind, body, and soul. Uplift consists of a platform for men and a platform for women to connect through bi-monthly webinars.

Connect with Kirk: 

Twitter - @kirkmsamuels

Facebook Page - @kirkmsamuels

Instagram - kirkmsamuels

720-515-6536 Call me!

Boots on the Ground: 

Part 1 Get CovenantEyes App. 

Part 2 Go home and make love to your wife. Lights on face to face. Tell her you love her. Pray for her.