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Aug 8, 2019

Matt Friedeman shares on the topic of discipleship and who's responsibility this is in a man's home. How intentional should a man be at discipling his kids in his home? Can't a man just take them to church? 

The John M. Case Professor of Evangelical Studies @ Wesley Biblical Seminary for 32 years, Founding and Current Pastor – DaySpring Community Church, Author of multiple books including The Master Plan of Teaching, The Accountability Connection, Discipleship in the Home, Life-Changing Bible Study, Discipleship, Hidden in the Heart:  A Catechism for Children.  Currently minister regularly as a chaplain at a local prison and outside an abortion clinic. Have had a local/statewide/national radio broadcast – The Matt Friedeman Show.  Have had a regular local (2x weekly) newspaper column in the op-ed page of our statewide-daily – The Clarion-Ledger.  Political analyst for local TV – WAPT.

Psalm 127:3-5

Discipleship in the Home

Robert Coleman's book; Master Plan of Evangelism

Boots on the Ground Moment:

Get together with your wife and craft an Age 18 List for your kids. What do you want to see your have victory over when they turn 18?

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