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We are a Christian men's podcast, leading you to your best version. We discuss Manhood, Masculinity, Purity, Discipleship, Fatherhood, Marriage, and being a Man.  

Nov 28, 2019

Brent Silkey wants to inspire men to know that they have permission to pursue the dreams that God has put into their hearts.
Brent Silkey is the Director of St. Paul Chi Alpha (College Pastor) sharing the message of hope with college students throughout St. Paul.
He is also and the founder of the 30 for Freedom...

Nov 26, 2019

In marriage you need to be all in. Some of you need to purge your social media. Some have relationships that need broke off. Your wife is you only plan. There should never be a back up plan. Enjoy this episode. 


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Nov 21, 2019

Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen have been involved in Family Ministries for more than 40 years through family camps, church staff positions, speaking, consulting, and writing. In 2003, they founded Home Improvement Ministries (www.HIMweb.org), a non-profit organization dedicated to equipping individuals and churches...

Nov 18, 2019

Intimacy anorexia is relationship disorder that is marked by a lack of intimacy in a relationship. It occurs when someone in a relationship actively withholds emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy from their spouse or partner. This lack of intimacy harms the marriage, damages the relationship causing pain and...

Nov 14, 2019

David Smith Shares about Relationships and being connected to other men. Without these connections men are toast! 


David Smith combines a lifetime of personal experiences, the research skills of a sociologist and his Christian faith to create for men a practical and engaging guidebook for...