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We are a Christian men's podcast, leading you to your best version. We discuss Manhood, Masculinity, Purity, Discipleship, Fatherhood, Marriage, and being a Man.  

Jan 19, 2021

Are your goals SMART?

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Attainable 
  4. Realistic
  5. Time Sensitive

In order to reach your goals these are very important things to consider. 

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Jan 15, 2021

Scotty Kessler is the Director of The Robert Coleman School of Discipleship and The Wes Neal School Of Sports Ministry at Faith International University and Seminary in Tacoma (WA) ( where he is also an adjunct professor in both programs.

Scotty is also a consultant on initiatives related to...

Jan 13, 2021

God has done some amazing things in and through the ministries of Men in the Arena. We are beyond excited about what He has accomplished and what we know He will do in 2021. Listen to what is ahead for all of us in The Arena!

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Jan 8, 2021

This is our second part of our interview with Jack Alan Levine. Jack has authored nine books, including My Addict Your Addict, and his newest books Addiction and Recovery Handbook to be released in January. 

         He is the creator of the online video program "Free for Life At Last" for those struggling with...

Jan 5, 2021

The episode is from a message Jim Ramos gave to the men at our weekly Arena Men's Gathering. 

Bro-lationships are so important and Jim unpacks what they should look like. Are your bro-lationships unhealthy and co-dependent? Or are you and your bro's sharpening each other? Are you calling each other out and upward? Do...