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We are a Christian men's podcast, leading you to your best version. We discuss Manhood, Masculinity, Purity, Discipleship, Fatherhood, Marriage, and being a Man.  

Jan 25, 2019

Much of what hinders us as men, is our inability to live as FREE MEN. We carry the scars, and wounds of our past. Things like unforgiveness, being violated or watching a loved one suffer, slows us down in our journey to manliness. Our brokenness often comes from a father or authority figure that disappointed us, which not only increases our load in life. But hinders our view of God as a loving Father and renders us less effective in the Arena.

Tim Spykstra- Pastor and President of Oceans Ministries.

Boots on the Ground Moment: Write a blessing letter to your father or a man who has been a father to you.