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The Men in the Arena podcast is designed for Christian men in the stress bubble of life: married, with kids, building your career and trying to follow God and lead your family well. We'll help you become your best version, equipping you to honor God in your marriage, parenting, work, church and community!

Monday's podcast is a high-octane interview with an expert in the realm of masculinity and Christian manhood, with authors like John Eldredge, Gary Chapman, Gene Getz, Patrick Morely, and Emerson Eggerich. We read their books and boil down their teachings into a powerful interview to help you learn from their expertise.

Thursday's podcast is Equipping Men in Ten - a ten-minute, laser-focused teaching from Jim Ramos to help you become your best version of a man.

Your host is bestselling author and speaker Jim Ramos. Jim has authored 9 books, including the bestseller 'Strong Men Dangerous Times: 5 Essentials Every Man Must Possess to Change His World', 'Tell Them: What Great Fathers Tell Their Sons and Daughters', ‘The Field Guide: A Bathroom Book for Men’, and the 5-book Strong Men Study Guide men's small group curriculum. Jim's high-energy storytelling and conviction will call you out, build you up, and motivate you to change.

The Men in the Arena are calling you into the Arena of manhood. We're calling you out of the faceless, nameless bleachers, and calling you UP to be the best version of you. Because when a man gets it, everyone wins.

Sep 13, 2021

In this episode Jim share about what it looks like to be a moderate man. He shares about what areas in our lives we need to be moderate in and why? There are some areas that most people don't talk about that Jim talks about here. 

How are you doing to be a moderate man?  

Can you answer what is your why?

Do you have the ability to say NO to all things?

Can you name the acceptable sin in our culture?


For the overseer must not (be)…addicted to wine… but sober-minded  —Titus 1:7-8 (NKJV)

An overseer, then, must be…prudent…not addicted to wine.

1 Timothy 3:2-3 (NASB)

“Complete abstinence is easier than perfect moderation.”

—St. Augustine (354-430 A.D.)

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